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Love2Learn introduces French 2nd Language Curriculum for Gr 1-9

After months of research and development, our R&D Team is proud to announce their latest addition to the Love2Learn Curriculum: French as a Second Language option. Learning a second language has enormous advantages, because the brain builds more pathways which...
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Why Should Children Read Good Literature from an Early Age?

When one begins with the end in mind, there is always so much more point to an activity. And that’s the same with guiding children to appreciate good literature from very early on. So what is the end objective? At Love2Learn, the answer is two-fold. In the long term,...
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Home School Blues – Comic Relief for Father’s Day from Tim Hawkins (Guaranteed to make you laugh!)

WATCH THE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE Christian comedian (and fellow-homeschooler), Tim Hawkin’s gut-busting comedy entertains the entire family while doubling down on the funny, a daunting task in an age where the obscene has become routine. The perils of marriage,...
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Winter Promotion

OUR BIGGEST PROMOTION OF THE YEAR! Love2Learn's 7.5% Discount WINTER PROMOTION Starts Monday, 19 June - Friday, 30 June. For the next 2 weeks only, Love2Learn is offering a sizzling 7.5% Discount on all subject orders - B I G or small! - for Gr00 - Gr9 resources!*...
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