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 Here you can find all of our articles on homeschooling, education, parenting and our own curriculum as well as a host of other topics. Our blog also includes sections that contain feedback and stories from homeschoolers both using Love2Learn’s Curriculum and not.

You can also find information on events in the homeschooling and educational arena and on news that we have shared. Finally there is a section labeled “Notice Board” in which you can find information on support groups, services, and extra murals that might be of benefit to homeschoolers.

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Latest Posts

Homeschooling Seminar – Bring Life to Learning in Your Child’s Education

Free Seminar Homeschooling is a Powerful Alternative! Free up... ...your children from the confines of a standard, mainstream education. ...time for your children to pursue their passion and talent. ...your children with opportunities to build great friendships away...

Homeschooling Through High School – Will I Cope?

                  Parents often admit to the joy they've had homeschooling their children through primary school, but feel daunted at the thought of homeschooling them through high-school. Questions like, "How will we ever get through Matric? What about little...

Encourage Independent Reading in Your Children

HELP YOUR CHILD BECOME A LIFE-LONG INDEPENDENT READER Research has shown there is a strong link between the amount of time children spend reading on their own and their language proficiency in every sphere of study. Love2Learn’s Literature Collection creates a...

Policy on Home Education

The New Policy The new Policy on Home Education was promulgated by the Minister of Basic Education in the Govt. Gazette on Friday, 16th November 2018, and released on the Department of Basic Education’s website on 19 November. The Policy comes into immediate...

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