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Latest Posts

New Computing Courses

New Love2Learn Computing Curriculum Love2Learn is delighted to anounce the launch of our new Computing Curriculum which spans Grade 1 all the way to IGCSE Level (and Matric credit). We have revamped our Computers/Computer Science curriculum material to align with the...

The Importance of Effective Mid-line Crossing for a Child’s Development

What is "mid-line crossing" all about?   Mid-Line Crossing is a concept based on an imaginary line down the centre of the body, termed "the mid-line", which divides the body into left and right; and being able to "cross the body's mid-line" means one can reach...

Love2Learn Curriculum for Learning Centres Seminar

You’re invited! FREE Seminar "Restoring life to learning" for Teachers and Students in Learning Centres and Cottage Schools Do you manage, teach at or are you wanting to open a Learning Centre or Cottage School? Are you… Tired of trying to enthuse your students with...

The Importance of Developing Gross Motor Skills

With the advent of technology, sadly even babies and toddlers are regularly "plonked" in front of a TV or tablet to keep them occupied and "entertained". It is critically important for our children, that we as parents make every effort to rather encourage movement and...

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