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New Love2Learn Computing Curriculum

Love2Learn is delighted to anounce the launch of our new Computing Curriculum which spans Grade 1 all the way to IGCSE Level (and Matric credit).

We have revamped our Computers/Computer Science curriculum material to align with the latest KS3 Computing programmes of study used by the national curriculum in England. We have done this in order to prepare students who wish to study Computer Science at IGCSE level. These revamped courses also provide a high-quality computing education to equip pupils to use computational thinking and creativity to understand and change the world in any field of study or work!

Two Branches of Computing

Our new Computing Curriculum allows a student to ultimately choose one of two branches of computing from Grade 7 onwards:


  • Computer Science
  • Computers

The Computer Science branch is taken by those students wanting to learn about computers and technology in a more academic sense. It ultimately leads to the IGCSE Computer Science course and is excellent preperation for students who wish to have the option of studying further in the field of Computer Science and Programming.

The Computers branch is aimed at those students who simply wish to get a practical education in using computers and technology. It prepares them well in the practical components of technology required both in the tertiary education as well as work environments.

The Essential Nature of Computers

At Love2Learn, we believe it is essential to incorporate progressive computing programmes at every grade level, building on the subject content and skills each year. There can be little doubt that our world is exploding with technology in virtually every sphere. For this reason, we at Love2Learn believe that every one should be competent in using a computer and other everyday technology, alowing them to do more with the myriad tools which they encounter almost daily.
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