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The New Policy

The new Policy on Home Education was promulgated by the Minister of Basic Education in the Govt. Gazette on Friday, 16th November 2018, and released on the Department of Basic Education’s website on 19 November. The Policy comes into immediate effect. Read it here: 

View the Policy Document Here

My Reaction

There has been widespread reaction and comment from homeschooling parents, Facebook groups and organisations such as Pestalozzi Trust alike.

In my subjective opinion, I am very encouraged by the fact that there can be little doubt that the avalanche of comment (the bulk of which expressed outrage at various aspects of the Draft Policy), that flooded the DBE from the homeschooling fraternity in our country, had an influence on the powers that be in defining the new Policy.

The Policy Has Been Refined

A number of “gray” and ambiguously worded clauses have been refined in the promulgated Policy, with positive ramifications for homeschooling. Just one example being that after Grade 9, students are free to choose a curriculum other than the National Senior Certificate (CAPS) that will secure them a recognised school-leaving qualification!

At Imperial International College, where our support is aligned with the Cambridge syllabus and we support students via our online platform, to prepare for the prestigious International GCSE and AS-Level examinations, we see this as a triumph for democracy and applaud everyone who got involved in submitting comment.

Lessons for the Future

Let this be a lesson for all of us for the future. Homeschooling in South Africa has a united voice and it will not be silenced, nor drowned out by unreasonable and unconstitutional agendas. Hallelujah!

I invite you to set aside some time to read through the Policy.

Again, it is my unwavering stance that we must not allow fear to influence or dictate our decisions to/not to homeschool. There is absolutely no place for fear when it comes to making a decision to homeschool our children.

Remember why you are homeschooling and what it is that you are doing, EVERY DAY…

You are not just raising a little boy or girl to pass Grade 1 or Grade 4 etc.; you are preparing them for life after Grade 12. That may be further studies, one day becoming someone’s colleague or boss, future husband or wife, father or mother and so on and so forth.

And ultimately, in discipling our children, we are preparing them for eternal life with Jesus…

…if we miss this, everything else is in vain!

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